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2009-06-27 18:03:59 by Brawllord

Yeah so those of you who actually care, all ½ of you, where i say i'm a person and you think i stole that from Demetri Martin the awesome comedian who got his own show and deserves it...i didn't i was using that joke before him. But i don't care that he has the credit he was the first one to get it out there.

Now to less related news about me finally i was approved and can submit music so yeah...some music on the way, I'm going to start with piano songs then i'll try replicating Nintendo songs and then remixing those replicates of songs and other such songs.

The only thing i actually care about is that my music comes from a crappy recording set, i play the piano myself, and the quality sucks if you based off my skill not off my equipment.