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great game

has only two issues one has already been said you need to be able to upgrade your fuel count my other was that you shouldn't lose fuel while you're in mid-air this game would earn a ten if either of those were present.

simply excellent

Not perfect but thats only because of so few upgrades if there were more i would give this a ten. begins getting difficult when the vehicles reach the numbers of about 5 or 6. Helicopters were the most devestating because i had to stop killing the ground troops to kill them. I don't know if it was intended but you can swee your laser generally allowing me to hit both a ground vehicle and helicopter or both sides of the screen. Anyways thats the way to get to higher levels like lvl 19 (thats where i'm at while writing this review) sweep your laser and hit multiple vehicles.

This game was great overall

ultimate mix

Great mix of great games. I noticed the game included the obvious ones, super mario 64, super mario sunshine, and super mario galaxy all excellent games. But what i loved was that since you had to make it 2D you used almost the exact same style of game as the original yoshi's island, one of my favorite games.

The style was excellent, the depth to the game was astounding but thats not all it was original while keeping the original game's style. all in all it was quite an epic game.

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I'll give you 3 since i know what midi you got this off...i got it from the same place and converted it myself to play on my ipod, i never thought someone would actualy submit it somewhere else under their own name, you only get some credit because it sounds slightly different from the original midi.

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recipe for instant ten from me

Have epic piano

it was awesome i would be able to play all but one part of the chorus piano, the name of what it is called escapes me and it's impossible for me to really describe what it is so you know what an example will do, something similar or exactly the same as 3:32's piano, that earned about the whole score from me. And yes i know that part is in the song 978 times, that just happens to be where i was at the moment.

so in future songs...if you ever read this review...include epic piano (if it fits of course).

Mataro responds:

Moar epic piano? I think I can manage that. Sort of. Maybe. I'll try:X

Thanks for the review, Brawllord, I appreciate it :D

well well...unexpected

yeah my summary does say what i want to say, it was unexpected.

I myself am a piano player and i liked the piano so much, it didn't sound to difficult to play but i'm assuming you never had to huh? lazy bum and your music making equipment...make it all by hand, buy every instrument and play each one individually and meld them all together and then, i will sort of respect you. Not full respect because you actually complied to my telling you to make it by hand but some respect.

The cello which Maestrorage said was saying ""NO, PAY ATTENTION TO ME" to me was just yelling "I'm over here" and me trying to ignore it and listen to the piano.

I'm a person (amazing right?). Not much to say past that except that I'm random.

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