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recipe for instant ten from me

Have epic piano

it was awesome i would be able to play all but one part of the chorus piano, the name of what it is called escapes me and it's impossible for me to really describe what it is so you know what an example will do, something similar or exactly the same as 3:32's piano, that earned about the whole score from me. And yes i know that part is in the song 978 times, that just happens to be where i was at the moment.

so in future songs...if you ever read this review...include epic piano (if it fits of course).

Mataro responds:

Moar epic piano? I think I can manage that. Sort of. Maybe. I'll try:X

Thanks for the review, Brawllord, I appreciate it :D

I'll be #2

I was throughly pleased with it. this song may have only been about 8 stars without the "hoo" and "hah" sounds that you added. But that's probably just me. Good techno song, when i saw this was yours i decided to check it out and see what it was...worth it. to the person below me, not a perfect loop but pretty damn close.

I really hope more people discover this black horse of a song.

Mataro responds:

This song is getting to be fairly old, and honestly, I had gotten used to no one paying attention to it. But it's a welcome surprise to see a new review, and especially a complimentary one :D

Glad to see you recalled my name from my Tetris remix, and happier yet that you enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll have some new stuff up soon. So many projects on the go, it's tough to get even one done :X

Perhaps I'll push to have a new one up tonight. I blame you for inspiring me to do so:X. That said, thanks for the review. I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you enjoyed the song :D

i have a suggestion

why ñót, íñ the spírít óf rándómñéss, pút ít úñdér a cómplétély ñéw cátágóry óf your making, like...oh í don't know...classic-heavy-metal-video-game -techno.
¿Best suggestion you've ever heard right?

The purpose of the accented words on the first few words because i want you to read my typing differently than everyone else's (I'm not crazy)((I think)) (((I hope))).

ganon95 responds:

if i could do that i would probably do it lol, but newgrounds only has so many genres

excellent (Mr. Burns voice)

First song I've hear from you and I must say this makes me want to listen to more of your music. It's tetris so its a bit repetetive but you change sounds between each verse and your guitar solo that was playing to a tetris tune really threw me for a loop...excellent addition to an excellent song. The unfortunate part is it is not my favorite Tetris remix, the one on Super Smash Brawl is far superior, no offense.

Mataro responds:

Ah, yes. But you see, I am not a professional composer being paid thousands of dollars. :P

But thanks a ton for the great review. I'm glad to hear my venture into a solo was worth it. Naturally, it was all done in about half a day, so I must say, I'm pretty happy with the result. Alas, I've not submitted music in quite a while, so most all my other songs are much older and not nearly as polished. (Or good, for that matter. :X)

I appreciate the review a bunch, though, Brawllord. I'll make sure to get some new songs up so you've got something better to listen to than all my old stuff. :D

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